Nowadays, men pay more attention to the clothes worn when working or relaxing. Including for holidays, men are required to bring at least more than 2 pieces of clothing and shoes.

Sometimes many people are confused about what kind of clothes to wear. Air that can reach minus 0 degrees makes people forced to wear a coat, to remove the cold in their bodies.

As a result, his appearance also became unstable because it was only wrapped in the same coat.

OOTD Men's Outfit
OOTD Men’s Outfit

Entering winter holidays, men need to prepare a number of clothes so as not to die when stylish at their destination. Feeling the cold of the snow and the spread of Christmas lights along the road becomes an experience that will never be forgotten.

If you are still confused, here are 4 simple but still fashionable ‘OOTD’ combinations.

Here Are Cool OOTD Men’s Outfit Ideas for Winter Holidays

1. Jacket with Boots

Jacket with Boots for Winter
Jacket with Boots for Winter

The first clothing that must be taken when vacationing in a cold place is a windbreaker. To be warmer, you can combine it with matching sweater shades, baggy pants and boots. This seal is suitable for use when going to the mountain.

2. Jackets, Sweaters and Sneakers

Coolest Bomber Jacket Outfits For Men
Coolest Bomber Jacket Outfits For Men

It does look heavy, but choose a lightweight material such as a parachute jacket as the outside. In it you can wear a red heart sweater to be warmer. For subordinate jeans very suitable to wear, especially combined with sneakers.

3. Baseball Jackets, White shirt, and Sneakers

Baseball Jackets, White shirt, and Sneakers
Baseball Jackets, White shirt, and Sneakers

White shirt is very suitable when combined with a thick baseball jacket as the outside. For subordinates can wear jeans and sneakers. Simple but stylish.

4. Hoodies and Sneakers

Men Street Styles
Men Street Styles

In addition to the jacket and sweater, you can also use a hoodie or jamper with warm and soft material. For subordinates can wear loose cloth pants and sneakers.

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