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5 Stylish Work Outfits For Cool Men - Fashions Nowadays

5 Stylish Work Outfits For Cool Men

5 Stylish Work Outfits For Cool Men

For men, choosing work outfits is not too confusing. For men, just having a few sets of work clothes is enough to show up at the office. In fact, there are many choices for men’s work clothes that can be chosen so that men can still be stylish at work.

In fact, if the company culture allows employees to wear clothes that are more “free”, then men can explore by combining several types of clothing.

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Men’s office attire is no less diverse than women. Moreover, more and more choices of products that represent the Men’s style of dress. Then how do you mix and match various items so that the look becomes fashionable?

Men's Work Outfits
Men’s Work Outfits

Follow the recommendations for the following menswear ideas that are guaranteed to make you look fashionable.

Here are the choices of work outfits for men to look cool in the office

1. Shirt

Men's Shirt
Men’s Shirt

T-shirts are collars and front buttons from top to bottom. This type of clothing is indeed suitable for work and other formal occasions. Shirts for work needs are usually made of cotton or oxford.

Usually, men choose plain shirts to go to the office. If you want to change the atmosphere, but keep it official, you can also choose a thin vertical striped shirt. Conversely, if you just want to look casual in an office with a relaxed work environment, then you can wear a patterned shirt like a checkerboard.

2. Suit

Smart Casual Look
Smart Casual Look

Suit is a European style formal dress made of rigid material with three layers of stitching and using furing in all parts. Usually suits are tailor made by the tailor based on the buyer’s request to fit the body. His suit jacket was also made in pairs with his pants.

If you want to wear a suit for work, then choose a neutral colored suit like black, gray or dark blue.

3. Blazer

Blazer Jacket Classic for Men
Blazer Jacket Classic for Men

Blazers are also work clothes that are worn outside of shirts that are usually used by men to show the professional side. However, a blazer is different from clothing that must be made with certain rules. For example, if at the end of a sleeve there must be two cuffs, not so with a blazer.

For those of you who feel less formal by just using ordinary clothes, then you can add a blazer to give an official impression when facing the boss. In fact, if you are accustomed to wearing t-shirts to the office, a blazer can be a savior if suddenly a client asks for time to meet.

4. Sweaters or Cardigans

Brown Cardigan for men
Brown Cardigan for men

During the rainy season, you can wear a sweater to the office. This sweater can make you comfortable working in the cold, without reducing the professional impression.

You can wear a sweater with a rather low collar so that shows the depth of the shirt and tie worn. So you have to adjust the color of the sweater and shirt used. Some types of sweaters that are suitable for use in the office include crew neck sweaters, v-neck sweaters, vest sweaters, argyle sweaters, and cable knit sweaters.

In addition, you can also use a cardigan, sweater variants with buttons or front zippers. Some types of cardigans that are suitable for use in offices are scarf collars with wide hanging collars, and sleeveless cardigans that resemble a vest.

5. Fabric Pants

Fabric Pants for Men
Fabric Pants for Men

Formal pants used for the office are usually made of polyester which is not easy to tangle. This type of pants is suitable to be paired with various work clothes such as shirts, blazers to suits.

You can choose the right pants for the office based on the model. There are formal trousers with pleated models for men with large thighs, and there are also flat trousers without folds. In addition, the color of the pants chosen to work are usually dark, such as black, gray, brown or blue.

In addition, there are also choices of chino pants made of flexible twills. In fact, if your office allows employees to use denim pants, you can wear dark colored jeans.

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