Look Beautiful With 6 Long Layer Hairstyle Nowadays

Look Beautiful With 6 Long Layer Hairstyle Nowadays

Long layer hairstyle can be characterized by the distance between the longest layer and the shortest one which is quite significant or ranges from 2-4 cm. More than that, any hairdo usually changes, for example in shaggy and mullet haircuts.

Long layer hairstyle is not only suitable for one hair type only. Various types and types of hair, ranging from straight, wavy, curly, to afro can apply a layered accent whose length can be adjusted to taste. Before wasting a lot of time because you are confused with the haircut you want, try to see our long hairstyle recommendations. Who knows, you can make inspiration!

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Layer Hairstyle
Layer Hairstyle

Straight Hair With Long Layer.

In straight hair, the accent layer can provide two opposite effects, namely thinning or even making hair look thicker and volume.

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Straight Hair With Long Layer

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Ask the stylist to make a layer starting from under the chin and gradually reaching the ends of the hair. The goal is to create a shaggy long layer hairstyle that perfectly frames your face. Ideal for you who has a heart or round face.

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Medium-long Layer hairstyle

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This style is suitable for you who have thick hair. The weight of the hair will be significantly reduced at the bottom thanks to the added long layer accents.

Another style that can be created by layers is the effect of textured hair. Form a layer that gradually from the bottom of the chin to near the tip can make hair look flatter and more dynamic.

Wavy Hair with Layers

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long layer of the chin

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One trick that can be done if you have long wavy hair is to cut the front hair with a long layer of the chin. Now hair is multifunctional, you can also treat it as a bang. Don’t you like to use bangs? No problem. Give a layer at the bottom by utilizing the natural shape of your wavy hair. The result, hair texture looks more varied.

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Wavy Hair with Layers.

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This long layer hairstyle we recommend specifically for thick hair! The accent layer on long, thick, wavy hair can not only cut hair weights but also improve the shape and appearance of your hair. We are sure the results are cooler! Wavy hair has several types. If you happen to have hair with large curves, we suggest adding a long layer accent in the middle of the hair.

Curly with Layer Hairstyle

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Not everyone agrees with the jargon ‘the bigger the merrier‘. If you are among those who want to make thick curly hair to be more shaped, long layer hairstyle is the solution.

Not all curly hair is thick. There are also how thin curly hair. Now if you belong to this group, the addition of a long layer can slightly trick your hair so it doesn’t look flat.

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Curly with layer hairstyle

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Just think of the accent layer as a knife and the hair is clay. That way you will easily determine the ‘shape’ ideal following the natural texture of your hair. One of our mainstay styles is a bob layer hairstyle like this.

It can be concluded that this style can adapt to almost all types of hair and haircuts. The key is healthy hair!

That’s the variation of the long layer hairstyles that we recommend that can be suitable for all types and haircuts.

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