In general, cloth pants are used to attend formal events or as clothes for the office because the models look stiff and look old.

In fact, if the experts mix and match clothes, cloth pants can be used anywhere and anytime not inferior to jeans you know.

Looks simple but cool style is not impossible! with clothes in the closet you can apply a simple style with the same cloth and pants. Of course, the maximum is still cool.

Mix and Match Outfits
Mix and Match Outfits

It is not difficult to mix and match tops with fabric pants, ranging from shirts, shirts, jackets, to suits.

Want to know? Here are some examples of clothes that can be combined with fabric pants. Peek!

6 Mix and Match Comfortable Fabric Pants to Stay Fashionable

Comfy Office Outfit
Fabric pants are always the solution to creating a formal fashion style. Choose a dark color, be more casual!

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Fabric Pants Ideas
In addition, you can also wear a coat that matches your fabric pants. Don’t forget to choose a fabric motif like this one idea!

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Mix and Match Fabric Pants
Wear a t-shirt that is given the results of the shirt, pair it with cloth pants and shoes. Suitable for office clothes!

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Mix and Match Outfits
Fabric pants can also be combined with sneakers, so the style still looks relaxed! For bosses, you can wear a shirt with an outer jacket. So cool!

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Stripes Fabric Pants
Wear cloth pants that have motifs so your clothes will look more colorful! Like this striped fabric pants model! Very beautiful.

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Wide leg fabric pants
Fabric pants with longer cuts and wider legs can create the illusion of a more even body shape!

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Okay, that’s some style of Comfortable Fabric Pants to Stay Fashionable for everyday appearance or for important moments or just to hang out with friends. Hopefully this idea can inspire!

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