7 Models Of Men’s Cardigans To Look Enjoyed and Casual

7 Models Of Men’s Cardigans To Look Enjoyed and Casual

Cardigans is one of the fashion items made from knitwear (Knitwear) that can make your body warm and can maximize your appearance.

A distinctive feature of the cardigan is that the front is open and can be equipped with buttons, making it more comfortable to use. Let’s look at cardigan style inspiration for men here.

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  1. Cardigans with a plain shirt

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Super casual appearance You can use a cardigan with a basic plain shirt like black, white, dark blue, or gray. Then you can mix it with your favorite chino pants or jeans. Don’t forget your cool watch and favorite sneakers.

  1. Cardigan with Tie

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Cardigan with Tie

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You must attend a formal event that requires wearing a tie. While the weather outside is cold enough? Don’t hesitate to wear a cardigan, bro! Cardigans will make you look calm and still look neat you know! Choose a plain model so that it doesn’t collide with the motif on your shirt and tie it up!

  1. Cardigan Motif Stripes

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Cardigan Motif Stripes

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Bored with the look of a plain cardigan? You can also wear a patterned cardigan. The safest to use is a line motif! This cardigan will make you look fresher then you can combine it with a shirt and plain jeans. Meanwhile, if your shoes are bored with sneakers, you can also wear your favorite brown shoes.

  1. Shawl Collar Cardigan Model

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Shawl Collar Cardigan Model

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Cardigan isn’t just a casual model, bro! Shawl Collar Cardigan is a model that has a formal touch, with additional variations resembling a collar. It can make you look neater even if you only wear T-shirts and jeans!

  1. Knit Motif Cardigan Cable

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Knit Motif Cardigan Cable

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For a more stylish look you can try this cardigan with cable knit motifs, cable knits including classic motifs that are still fun to use and make it look handsome.

  1. Chunky Cardigan

Chunky Cardigan

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Chunky cardigans are thick and solid knit cardigans. This cardigan will provide more protection against the cold outside but still comfortable you know, bro! If you’re lazy to wear a jacket and the air outside is cold, a thick cardigan is an answer!

  1. Long Cardigan

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Long Cardigan

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If you like trendy and modern models, you can wear a long cardigan, this cardigan opens without buttons or zippers, you know! So even though it’s long, you don’t really feel the heat when using it. Besides that you can also maximize your inner appearance by wearing your favorite shirt.

Which style do you like the most?

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