13 Awesome Colors Of African Men’s Clothing That Will Become Trend 2020

African Men’s Clothing is clothing that combines African ethnic culture and can be a reference for your clothing style. African fashion style looks like a bohemian style but still trendy and fashionable. This type of outfits is perfect for those of you who are bored with the same outfits and want a unique style of clothing but still comfortable to wear.

African clothing is full of their ethnic culture. African clothing generally has its own philosophy. Where is the philosophy contained in their traditional clothing in the form of an element of spirit? Post-independence optimism and freedom. Therefore most African clothes have a variety of motifs with bright colors. As if they want to show that they do not want to be bound and free. Many different types of African clothing. Among them the most famous is Bazin.

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African Men's Clothing
African Men’s Clothing

Bazin is a traditional dress that is often worn on Islamic Holidays or Holidays in Africa. Where this clothing style at a glance is similar to the Koko T-shirt that is usually worn by Muslims, which is along the top and is usually combined with pants or gloves. If the Koko T-shirt has a motive that is not crowded and tends to be plain in color, Bazin actually has quite a variety of colors and motifs, the Bazin used has a long top with ethnic embroidery. There are also Bazin who use solid-colored fabrics without embroidery, there are also Bazin who use printed patterned fabrics. But the cut remains the same. Bazin and Koko’s clothes are both worn by Muslim men who will go to pray.

If you’ve ever watched an extraordinary film called Black Panther, where there is a scene where the Regional Wakanda leader named T’challa is seen wearing this traditional dress in black. Besides black, there are many colors and a variety of motifs for this type of Bazin clothing. Well, we will give you a few colors of African men’s clothing that you can try on.

13 Awesome Colors Of African Men’s Clothing That Will Become Trend 2020

Beige Color
Beige Color – tr.pinterest.com
Black Color
Black Color – weddinggallery.tk.com
Blue Color
Blue Color – pinterest.se.com
Brown Color
Brown Color – pinterest.ru.com
Grey Color
Grey Color – etsy.com
Maroon Color
Maroon Color – pinterest.ca.com
Navy Color
Navy Color – etsy.com
Orange Color
Orange Color – glamsquadmagazine.com
Purple Color
Purple Color – pinterest.ca.com
Red Color
Red Color – pinterest.co.uk.com
Sky Blue
Sky Blue – samwas.us.com
White Color
White Color – pinterest.at.com
Yellor Color
Yellow Color – hongyuapparel.com

Those are some colors that can be tried tones for African men’s clothing. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about the Classy Chandelier Wedding Cake Design visit here.

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