Bob’s Hair Creations That Will Make an Eye-Catching Appearance

Bob’s Hair Creations That Will Make an Eye-Catching Appearance

The original bob’s hair was cut in line with the jaw or above. The pieces are also made more textured. Take a look at the photo above. Bob hairstyles usually have several layer levels. Even though it has been formed with Victoria Beckham’s asymmetrical model or bob, there is still a layer level. Layering is good for giving dimension and shape to the hair.

Want to look fresh and chic after this self-quarantine period is over? Planning to get a haircut when the self-quarantine period is over? If you need an idea, why not cut it with a bob? Bob haircut does look simple but makes the face look fresh. Moreover, short bob haircut became a trend in 2020. This short bob is cut right above your shoulder.

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Bob hairstyles
Bob’s hair

Famous Los Angeles hairstylist celebrity, Sal Salcedo, called this bob style very universal. He himself recommends that you try the A-line bob style – that is, the bob is short on the back and long in front. “This style is very effortless and lightweight,” he said.

Short bob haircuts can also be applied to various types of hair, from straight to curly. Do not believe it? Here are 9 inspirational bob hairs that you can cheat

  1. The bottom of Kim Kardashian’s bob hair is blown inward so it becomes bouncy.

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    bob hair is blown

    image source

  2. This is a bob glass hair model, which means bob hairpieces are arranged so that they look straight, smooth, and shiny.

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    Kim Kardashian’s bob hair

    image source

  3. Bob’s hair with a side part with a little messy like this will make you look younger and fresher.

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    Bob’s hair with a side part

    image source

  4. For those of you who have a wide forehead, add bangs to your bob hairstyle

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    bob hairstyle for forehead

    image source

  5. Curly hair can also, you know, use bob hairstyle. But the length of the hair must be slightly below the shoulder because when dry it will ‘rise’ to the top.

    Bob hairstyles
    Bob hairstyles

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  6. For those of you who have hair that is limp, cut the right hair as simple as to show off your neck.

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    cut the right hair as simple

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  7. If you have curly hair, it’s better to have a shorter layer on the back so the hair doesn’t look too fluffy.

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    curly hair

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