11 Classy Chandelier Wedding Cake Design For Your Elegant And Glamour Wedding

11 Classy Chandelier Wedding Cake Design For Your Elegant And Glamour Wedding

Chandelier Wedding Cake is one of the unique wedding cake designs and is becoming popular. Cake models with pendants hanging from the ceiling are the trend of wedding cakes around the world. The thing that makes this cake so unique is how to put it. If the wedding cake is usually placed on the table, this model cake is stored by hanging like an original chandelier as the original chandelier.

This wedding cake will be the center of attention at the wedding. Therefore the wedding cake not only tastes delicious but also must be beautiful. Especially if you plan to hold a luxurious and grand wedding. This cake is one of the recommendations for a wedding cake list as well as wedding decorations that will give the impression of classy and elegant.

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The distinctive feature of classy wedding cakes is always designed in stages to show their luxury. However, to make it look elegant and beautiful, there is no need to set it too high to reach the hands when trying to cut. This is because in every celebration including marriage, cutting a cake becomes an important part of the event. Moment of cutting a cake must be in the photo album so that it always looks everlasting when opening a wedding photo album. wedding cake designs need to be considered so that in the future the cakes will not look ‘old school’.

Chandelier Wedding Cake Design
Chandelier Wedding Cake

To choose a wedding cake, there are three things to consider. First, order ahead of time, usually 3 months before D-day. Second, choose the price of a suitable wedding cake budget. Third, look for references to the wedding cake model you want to make. When choosing a cake design, the bride and groom will be faced with many design choices, and most brides choose a complete cake design with decorations to match and match the theme and color.

Well, for those of you who plan to hold a lavish wedding, we will provide a reference to design a luxurious and classy wedding cake with an elegant chandelier.

11 Classy Chandelier Wedding Cake Design For Your Elegant And Glamour Wedding

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Awesome Wedding Cake – cakecentral.com
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Royal Cake Design
Royal Cake Design – weddingomania.com
Unique Cake
Unique Cake – pennyauctionsecret.com
Wedding Cake Design
Wedding Cake Design – pinterest.com.au.com
Wedding Cake Ideas
Wedding Cake Ideas – etsy.com
Wedding Cake Luxury
Wedding Cake Luxury – pinterest.cl.com
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake – pl.pinterest.com

Those are some wedding cake designs for you to try. Hopefully, the idea inspired you. If you want to read other articles from us about Pretty Color of Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas For Summer Weddings visit here.

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