Chino pants are pants that are present with slim-fit cuts with perfect trim lines that wrap around the length and shape of the feet so that when they are worn it will be far more interesting to look at. Added, this pants themselves are now usually made from synthetic or cotton blends.

These pants can be said to be one of the pants that are still a favorite today besides jeans. Chino pants are often a mainstay for many men in their daily appearance. Whether it’s to work to the office, casual hangouts with friends, go to college or attend a semi-formal party event.

The color of chino that is most used by men like black and brown because it is a neutral color and is the safest color when combined with several other colors. In addition, chinois considered a style of pants that is suitable for any boss such as suits, t-shirts, shirts and other clothing. But it will look boring if you use the colors themselves.

Colors Chino Pants
Chino Pants

Chino continues to be created with various models, such as creating Chino in various colors. Pants that used to be considered boring, now look fresher. And that is usually influenced by the season. Like summer pants that are identical to shorts. However, in fact, this pants can also be worn during the summer. Of course, with colors suitable for summer.

Summer is synonymous with bright colors. This is because the colors match the warm color of the sun. Therefore, in the following, we provide some color recommendations for chino pants that are very suitable for use during the summer.

10 Colors Inspiration for Chino Pants You Can Wear in Summer

Blue –
Burgundy Colors
Burgundy Colors –
Cream Colors
Cream Colors –
Dark Blue
Dark Blue –
Green Colors
Green Colors –
Mint Colors
Mint Colors –
Pink Colors
Pink Colors –
Red Colors
Red Colors –
White Chino
White Chino –
Yellow Colors
Yellow Colors –

Well, that’s some ideas about the color of chino pants that are suitable for use in warm summers. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Women’s Fashion Urban Style visit here.

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