Top 6 Wedding Color Trends for Beautiful Spring Wedding

Top 6 Wedding Color Trends for Beautiful Spring Wedding

Color Trend
Color Trend

Color trend is one of the long-awaited trends in a compilation of the new season. Therefore, new color trends will be a benchmark, especially for fashion and design trends. The color trends for the spring of 2020 are aimed at colors inspired by natural beauty, urban design and fringed vegetation, which in turn creates unexpected color combinations.

Pastel colors like this are perfect for starting spring in your area. Bright and soft colors will not damage the existing spring. More if you plan to get married in the spring. The following colors are perfect for the color theme of your spring wedding.

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1. Green Flash
Green Flash
Green Flash –

Green Flash is a color that is similar to light green which is not too flashy. This color seems soft because it is a pastel color.

2. Lilac Gray
Lilac Grey
Lilac Grey –

Purple is a mixture of soft purple. This color has been popular in recent years. More diverse with gray. Then it will produce soft pastel colors.

3. Limpet Shell
Limpet Shell
Limpet Shell –

Aqua blue gradations like Limpet Shell feel fresh to be included as an approved color for decoration. Alloy colors with other pastels such as pink will create a soft feel.

4. Peach Echo
Peach Echo
Peach Echo –

Peach echo is a salmon color that remains but still looks soft. Romantic impressions can be presented with a golden peach together with a warm and feminine look.

5. Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz –

Quartz rose is a light pink color or maybe we can be seen once again with dusty pink. This color is seen with pastel pink that looks so soft. This color is inversely proportional to the strong red rose color.

6. Serenity
Serenity –

Serenity is a soft, light blue derivative, such as bluish pastel purple. This color represents soft colors. Tranquility is light and broad color, like the expanse of blue sky that depicts toughness and calms when facing difficult times.

Those are some color ideas that will become a trend for spring weddings. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about summer Men’s Casual Solid Color T-Shirt Ideas visit here.


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