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  • Recommended 3 Most Popular Autumn Hairstyles That You Can Inspire

    Autumn Hairstyles

    Most Popular Autumn Hairstyles is an idea that you don’t want to miss. How could you not, because every season, hairstyles will always vary and will never run out of time to discuss. As is the case with Most Popular Autumn Hairstyles. Well, in the fall of 2021, there are many choices of interesting hairstyles […]

  • 6 Most Popular Bob Hairstyles Recommendations For Teenage Girls Look Confident in Summer

    Bob Hairstyles

    Bob Hairstyles is the most popular hairstyle among women, especially among young women. Bob haircut does look simple but makes the face look chic and fresh. This haircut that has been popular since the 1920s is considered to be simpler and more practical than other haircuts. Gay Bob makes women do not have to bother […]

  • 7 Most Popular Variations of Ombre Hairstyles You Can Try For A Colorful Look This Summer

    Ombre Hairstyles are hair coloring that is identical to the gradation of two or more colors, namely from dark to light. This one hairstyle will give a brighter color effect on your lower hair compared to the color of your upper hair. Usually, only the bottom is colored, and leave the top with the original […]

  • Look Beautiful With 6 Long Layer Hairstyle Nowadays

    3 result

    Long layer hairstyle can be characterized by the distance between the longest layer and the shortest one which is quite significant or ranges from 2-4 cm. More than that, any hairdo usually changes, for example in shaggy and mullet haircuts. Long layer hairstyle is not only suitable for one hair type only. Various types and […]

  • Looks Confident With the Charming Curly Hair ideas

    2 result

    Having curly hair does require extra attention. Unlike straight hair, curly hair tends to be difficult to manage. However, having curly hair actually makes you look unique and different, you know! Well, for those of you who are still confused about how to style curly hair to support your appearance to be cooler, here are […]

  • Hair Color Revisions That are Suitable For Use By Owners of Brown Skin.

    22 result

    Hair color is one part of fashion that needs attention. If lately you think and think it’s you, you seem unattractive and dull, maybe this needs to be considered. One of the easy things to do is, change hair color. Not a few people who look more fresh and attractive when changing the style & […]

  • 7 Trendy Wavy Hairstyles Models for Stylish Men

    Short Wavy Hairstyles

    Stylish hairstyles can move sideways for a moment because now men are starting to like wavy hairstyles. One way to keep your hair from looking too thick is to shave both sides of the hair to make it shorter. How about bangs? A popular trend among men today is letting bangs and upper hair last […]

  • 10 Best Side Part Groomsman Haircut To Get An Attractive Impression

    Men Side Part

    Groomsman Haircut is one of the important things because the groomsmen are the ones who are at the forefront of a marriage. Usually, groomsmen are close friends or close relatives of the prospective bridegroom. The presence of groomsmen in a marriage is vital. The smoothness of a marriage procession can not be separated from their […]

  • 7 Trendy Straight Short Hairstyles for You to Try

    Short Hairstyles Bangs layered

    There is no time to associate a haircut with someone’s personality. For example, women with short hair may not have a tomboyish personality, and vice versa. Moreover, this year’s trends seem to break stereotypes, short hair for women and long hair for men. Long straight hair can indeed be arranged in many styles, but short […]

  • 11 Gorgeous Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Your Wedding Inspirations

    Half Up Half Down

    Half Up Half Down Hairstyles or usually abbreviated as Half Updo is a display of hair whose top is styled with various models, and the bottom is left loose. Usually, the most is a braided hairstyle on the part or left loose at the bottom. This hairstyle is perfect for you who have long hair. […]

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