Kinds Of Skirts That You Need To Know To Enhance Your Appearance

Kinds Of Skirts That You Need To Know To Enhance Your Appearance

Speaking of this woman’s skirt, there is no death, because currently using a skirt is indeed trendy. This skirt is also very well matched when combined with the hijab and the right boss. can experiment by combining the skirt with the right boss to make it more click and fashionable.

For those who wear a hijab, they can combine a skirt with matching tops and hijab so they look more elegant and elegant.

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The first type of skirt is distinguished by its length. If you observe this skirt has a variety of lengths there are short, long, and so forth. Check out the various types of women’s skirts based on the length that is mandatory for you to know:

  1. Peplum

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Peplum is a short skirt where the length is only up to the knee. There is also a peplum skirt that is 7 cm long above the knee so that it will display the sexy impression for the wearer. The peplum skirt is currently trendy so when you see a red carpet or a fashion magazine, you must be familiar with this one skirt. Yep, peplum is currently not only applied to dresses but is made in various versions such as skirts, blazers, tops, and even jackets. Peplum is also a type of short overskirt or ruffle which is attached to the waist so that the body will be more formed. For those who have overweight, it is advisable to use this skirt because it displays the illusion of a slimmer body.

To show the impression of a fashionable and classy look you can combine this skirt with black shoes and also a skinny belt motif to add a touch of color without making it stand out, while for those who have overweight it is advisable to choose a peplum skirt that is neutral and calm like black, gray ash, and avoid striking colors. choose peplum accents that are not too inflated so that the body also does not look too big. Accessories that can be used are necklaces and earrings to make it look more feminine.

  1. Micro
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As the name implies ‘micro’, this skirt has a very short size, just enough to cover the buttocks. This skirt is still quite fashionable to use if you know how to properly match and match. Because it is too mini and sexy this skirt can only be used as an output so in it must use leggings that match the skirt. This skirt can also be used as a fashion which makes your appearance not feel monotonous. For those who overweight this skirt is not suitable for use because it will make the legs look bigger, and only suitable for those who have lean and long legs.

  1. Mini
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By its mini size, this skirt is referred to as a mini skirt. There are still many who use this skirt where the size is up to mid-thigh. Some have not been able to distinguish mini and micro skirts. For this mini skirt, the size is still much bigger than the micro skirt where the length is 5 to 8 cm above the knee. Also, there is a mini skirt whose length is just above the knee. This skirt can be used as a fashionable work uniform and make it look more feminine.

  1. Knee
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The knee is a designation for a skirt whose size reaches to the knee. This skirt is widely used in Indonesia because it is still within reasonable limits and not too sexy. Many make this skirt as a work uniform or for non-formal events. For the model there are also various kinds of span or A-line models, so you should be able to choose the right model.

  1. Maxi
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One of the various types of women’s skirts that are hit and is widely used is maxi. This type of skirt has a length up to the ankles and is also suitable for you who are hijabs. Many school children or students who use this skirt. Maxi skirt models straight down, but along with the development of the fashion trend this skirt is equipped, or with a long A-line model. To be able to fit using this skirt is important for adjusting to the body shape. For tall and slim, you can use a maxi skirt with any model, but for those who are OW or overweight can use a straight maxi.

  1. Floor
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Yes! As the name implies ‘floor’ is one of a variety of women’s skirts that stretch to the floor. Usually, this type of skirt is used for weddings, but for any party event, this skirt is also suitable for use because it makes the illusion of legs look taller. For those who have small hips and slender legs, it would be very suitable to use this type of skirt.

Women’s Skirts Based on the Model

In addition to length, this woman’s skirt is also distinguished based on the model. There are various types of skirt models to choose from, but still, you have to be able to adjust it to your body shape and also know how to do the right mix and match. Check out a woman’s skirt based on the model that is very important for you to know:

  1. Accordion Skirt

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Accordion skirt

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Accordion Skirt is a skirt made with soft material and has a certain pattern. The pattern of this skirt is similar to Rempel but what is different is that the folds of this skirt are smaller than those with large folds. This skirt model is also suitable for systems that have a slim body because if used for a fat person will make the bodyweight look fuller and wider. To look fashionable, you can combine this accordion skirt with a leather jacket, a long shirt equipped with a belt, knitting, or by using a long sleeve shirt that is cut from the shoulder.

  1. A-Line skirt

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A-line skirt

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It is a type of skirt that becomes the bottom widened so that it becomes the letter A. This type of skirt that uses a large button-shaped decoration. This skirt is identical to the old days around 60 to 80, but now the use of A-Line skirt is increasingly popular since retro or vintage fashion is in demand again. You can use this skirt for work, also for those who want to hang out together with friends you can use. Do not forget that the more beautiful and elegant appearance can be combined with a knit shirt or sweater put into a skirt. Not only that to sweeten the appearance, do not forget to use watches and leather belts

  1. Ballerina Skirts

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Ballerina skirt

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A ballerina skirt is similar to a ballet skirt called a ballerina skirt. You who want to attend a party can also use this skirt. When viewed further, at a glance this skirt is similar to the tutu, but the difference is the model. Ballerina skirt will further expand to make the body look even more volume. For success in using this skirt, you need to choose a top that matches the black 3/4 shirt that is inserted into the body so that this top will look in contrast to your subordinates to make the appearance look unique and classy.

  1. Tutu Skirt

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Tutu skirt

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In addition to ballerina skirts, there are still tutu skirts. The material for making this skirt is the same as a ballerina skirt but with a different model. This tutu skirt has a straight model and also A-line. For those who are veiled, it will be very suitable to use this skirt, which can make the appearance look more fashionable and also stylish. Choose a tutu skirt that is not too much decoration so that the appearance looks simple but still elegant.

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