Look Beautiful with Makeup Inspiration for Brown Skin

Look Beautiful with Makeup Inspiration for Brown Skin

Do you know that many foreign people want to have brown skin? According to them, having tanned skin can make them look more exotic and healthier. As an Indonesian, you should be grateful to have brown or dark skin naturally, because it means you don’t have to bother constantly basking in the sun.

But, sometimes having tanned skin can be somewhat confusing when choosing makeup products. If it’s wrong, you can look dull and lethargic. However, with the right product, guaranteed you will look more charming and glowing. Already know the trick? Follow the six tips below!

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It’s important to choose the right foundation color

The most important step you must first do is to choose the right foundation color. This product will be the base to make your skin tone even and smooth, so make sure the color you choose comes close to real leather.

How to see it is by applying a little foundation on the skin of your neck because usually, your face looks brighter than the neck area. Be careful in choosing, do not choose a much brighter color, because if wrong, not only your skin will be stripped, but also can appear dull and gray, you know.

 Use translucent powder for a more natural result

Many use powder with a reason to “brighten” the face, or just to even out skin tone. In addition to the foundation, you should also pay attention to the color of the powder. Sometimes you are right in choosing the color of foundation, but wrong in choosing powder.

For sweet blacks, you are better suited for wearing more natural makeup. So that you still maintain the original color of your facial skin, it is better to use a translucent powder or powder with a neutral color so that the skin looks smooth and even, but does not change the original color too much

Avoid colors like pink, often use light brown eyeshadow or dark brown, even black

Eyeshadow is important for girls. This product can give dimension and emphasize eyes. Because your skin tends to be darker, avoid colors like pink, because it will make your eyes look lethargic.

Use a light brown color for a natural look, or mix dark brown and black colors for a bolder and more intense look. Do not forget to give a little highlighter or brightly colored eyeshadow on the inside of the eye to make it look more alive.


Your cheeks will be more blushed by using a peach nuanced blush

Brown or brown skin has a dark basic color. It would be better if you use blush in warm colors. Look for blushes with orange or brick red undertones, such as peach or coral colors. You will look flushed and fresh.

Don’t be wary of using a highlighter to give your face that extra glow effect!

You with tanned skin are very lucky because they have naturally glowy skin compared to other skin colors. Don’t be shy to accentuate those advantages by adding a highlighter to your face!

Apply the product to the most prominent parts such as cheekbones, forehead, nose, chin, also to the lip area. This will help add dimension to the face. You will look gorgeous

Nude or bold

The use of nude or soft lipsticks will exude more the color of your skin because it looks more natural. If you want to use a bold lipstick, use lipstick with basic colors like dark brown or dark red.

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