Having curly hair does require extra attention. Unlike straight hair, curly hair tends to be difficult to manage. However, having curly hair actually makes you look unique and different, you know!

Well, for those of you who are still confused about how to style curly hair to support your appearance to be cooler, here are 10 inspirational styles or the most hits and latest curly hairstyles for women that are easy to try!

Curly Hair
Curly Hair

  1. Curly hair model with a braid order two

    Curly hair model with a braid order two
    Model curly hair with a braid order two

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Casual events like hangouts, you can style your hair with a loose braid model. Divide the hair into two parts, then braid the top with a loose and slightly messy model while the lower part is left unraveled. Besides being able to make your curly hair neater, your appearance is also cooler, girls!

  1. Let curly hair unravel with twist details at the top

    curly hair unravel with twist details
    curly hair unravel with twist details at the top

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So that you don’t get bored, try to create your curly hair that’s left loose. One of them by making a twist or strands at the top of the hair. You do this by dividing the hair into the middle split model.

Take a little hair on one side then twist and pinch. Do the same for the other side. Right for a relaxed look when you go to campus!

  1. Look contemporary with double bun curly hairdo

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    double bun

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This one haircut can make you look cute and girly. The trick is not difficult, really! Simply split the middle of the hair, then take the upper hair and tie it into a loose model.

Do the same thing on the other side. Voila! You already look charming with contemporary hairstyles.

  1. Curly hair with side braids model is suitable for a graceful appearance when invited

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side braids model

Fortunately for you who have naturally curly hair. This hairstyle, in fact, can make you look elegant, you know!

You don’t even have to bother styling your hair to attend a wedding invitation. Simply by braiding the hair on the side, you already look charming.

  1. Anti-fuss, the appearance of curly hair styled in this high-bun model is also great for emulation!

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    high-bun model

Although simple, this hairstyle was suitable for supporting your appearance when attending a formal event. Surely you also won’t be complicated during the event!

  1. Who says the owner of curly hair can not look nice with bangs?

    curly hair can not look nice with bangs
    curly hair can not look nice with bangs

No need to hesitate anymore! The owner of curly hair is also suitable for using bangs. This hairstyle actually makes you look sweet and feminine.

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