9 Ultimate Summer Makeup Color Ideas You Should Try

9 Ultimate Summer Makeup Color Ideas You Should Try


Makeup Color is an important factor and must be considered. Especially you who want to be the center of attention. Usually, the color of the makeup matches the purpose of the event or with the season. Like the color of makeup for summer.

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Summer is synonymous with hot weather for a long time, blackened skin and sunburned red hair. Therefore warm colors are very fitting to use this season. Warm natural colors like yellow, green, nude or neon are ready to brighten your day and make your beauty more radiant.

Summer is the right time to wear thick makeup with bright colors. You can wear certain makeup styles to make it look more attractive. Like the following colors that you can use for your eye makeup in the summer.

9 Ultimate Summer Makeup Color Ideas You Should Try

1. Beautiful Yellow
Yellow Makeup
Yellow Makeup – pinterest.com

This one makeup will make you look edgier. Wearing bright colors like yellow will make the eyelid look cool. Of course, with your stunning appearance, you will be the center of attention.

2. Bright Orange Makeup
Orange Makeup
Orange Makeup – tr.pinterest.com

Just like yellow, orange will make you look edgy and charming. Your face will shine even more with cool orange eye makeup.

3. Bold Purple
Purple Makeup
Purple Makeup – pinterest.ru.com

If you don’t really like it that is too bright, bold purple might be the right choice. This color is great for your eye makeup and you will look girly with a firm impression.

4. Cool Green
Green Makeup
Green Makeup – weheartit.com

Last spring, the lime green dominated clothing trends in 2020. You can also use it for your eye makeup. This is one of the unexpected colors and will give a refreshing effect to the eyes.

5. Colorful Rainbow Makeup
Rainbow – in.pinterest.com

Summer is synonymous with bright colors. Therefore the color of the rainbow seems to be suitable for use in eye makeup during the summer. Your face will look colorful and sweet.

6. Neon Makeup
Neon Makeup
Neon Makeup – pinterest.ru.com

Neon colors are indeed becoming a trend and are quite popular. Many women who use neon color makeup for summer fashion appearance. It can be used as eyeshadow or lipstick so that your appearance looks more stunning.

7. Nude Makeup
Nude Makeup Looks
Nude Makeup Looks – pinterest.jp.com

Nude color will bring a natural impression on your face. You can try makeup with nude colors coupled with glitter accents that will make your face glowing in the summer.

8. Sweet Pink
Pink Makeup
Pink Makeup – confettissimo.com

Coral pink may be heard more often for the color of makeup that has been the trend for the past few years. But apparently you can also use eye makeup only with a soft pink color.

9. Touch Blue
Blue Makeup
Blue Makeup – belle18.com

Besides green, blue will also give a refreshing impression, especially in the summer. You can try makeup with eye makeup and lips in blue.

Those are some summer color makeup ideas. Hopefully inspired. If you want to read other articles from us about Color Scheme Ideas Pink And White Coffin Nails Art For Your Fun Summer visit here.

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