Look Fresh With 9 Men’s Haircut Ideas That Will Become Hair Style Trends In 2020

Look Fresh With 9 Men’s Haircut Ideas That Will Become Hair Style Trends In 2020

Men's Haircut
Men’s Haircut

Men’s Haircut is becoming a popular fashion these days. This is because a lot of new haircuts that appear and began to demand a lot so that it is increasingly popular. As some of the following hairstyle ideas are predicted to be increasingly popular in 2020.

1. Classy Side-part
Side part Haircut
Side-part Haircut – food-img.com

This hairstyle is the most classic hairstyle and gives the impression of luxury. This hairstyle is suitable for oval head models. Usually used for people who work in the office or people who prefer the state of neat and smooth hair. This hairstyle is a hairstyle that is easy to style.

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2. Undercut
Low Undercut
Low Undercut – pinterest.com

This one hairstyle has always been a men’s favorite hairstyle. Because simple pieces that will make you look fresher. Therefore this hairstyle will become a trend again in 2020.

3. Curly Taper Fade
Curly Taper Fade
Curly Taper Fade – hottesthaircuts.com

The taper fade is one of the undercut variations which is quite popular among men. This classic hairstyle is a gradual cut that is getting thinner from the middle to fade in the lower part of the hair. But the growing development of hair trends makes this hairstyle popular. Especially with curly hair in the middle of the hair.

4. Pompadour Fade
Pompadour Hairstyles
Pompadour Hairstyles – rock-cafe.info.com

The fade cut has the characteristic of this haircut technique is the gradation of hair length created. You can adjust it to your liking. Usually, this haircut is very short at the top of the neck and getting longer to the top. This classic haircut technique gained popularity from the 1950s. You can easily combine it with a variety of hairstyles, one of which is a men’s short pompadour hairstyle.

5. Bowl Cut
Boy Bowl Cut
Boy Bowl Cut – pinterest.jp.com

This hairstyle is popular among young teenagers because it is suitable for all hair types. They will usually leave the bowl a little long. To be more stylish, give texture to the hair to make it more volume. Another way to style hair with a bowl cut style is to combine it with an undercut, high fade, or taper fade.

6. Long Ivy-league Style
Ivy League Style
Ivy League Style – haircutinspiration.com

This simple and timeless haircut fits in with any outfit and includes a ‘safe’ hairstyle. Just give a little pomade for a more formal look. Ivy League hairstyles are a bit similar to the crew cut style, but the difference is the Ivy League hairstyle leaves hair on the top of the head, very fitting for you who have a protruding jaw.

7. Low Fade
Low Fade Haircut
Low Fade Haircut – rock-cafe.info.com

Fade is a type of cut that gives a gradation effect on the hair and scalp. The shortest cut starts from the neck to slowly thicken at the top of the head. Low Fade hairstyles make you look fresher.

8. Haircut With Quiff
Quiff Haircut
Quiff Haircut – rock-cafe.info.com

Quiff style that has been trending since the 1950s that combines the elements of hair gel with a rather thick hair volume at the top. This hairstyle is similar to Pompadour haircut. What distinguishes quiff haircut and Pompadour hairstyle is how to style it. It takes hair that is long enough to create a volume like Pom Pom, and you have to comb it back using a product like a Pomade. Whereas quiffs require more natural results by using a blow dryer and using wax to shape it.

9. Short Sides Long Top
Short Side Long Top
Short Side Long Top – otvet.mail.ru.com

Short Sides Long Top is a haircut that displays a short cut on one side and length from top to the other side. This hairstyle is popular with young people.

Those are some ideas that are predicted to be increasingly popular haircut 2020. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Prom Hairstyle Ideas visit here.

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