Ombre color is the color of the shadow or gradation color. As the name implies, so does the color that will be produced from this coloring technique. The ombre style variation that is most often chosen is a gradation of two colors, usually chosen colors from dark to light or vice versa. The choice of colors chosen is usually the bolder colors for you to try are the contemporary pastel colors, such as strawberry blonde, blue ombre, or purple, peach or yellow that are appropriate to the season.

The word “ombre” is taken from French which means shading or shaded. In short, you can analogize the trend of ombre hair color like makeup coloring techniques with the concept of shading that can cause the illusion of shadow effects on the face. So, imagine your hair will have a dark side, aka shadows that appear due to hair coloring. Ombre can give the illusion of shadows by using dark colors in the roots of the hair and light colors in the middle to the ends. The gradation of color that is combined will look soft and beautiful without any clear color transfer. So, your hair is not just haphazardly painted, but also has its own tricks to make it look more elegant.

Now, the Ombre Prize is not only applied to the color of the makeup or hair, but also to the wedding cake. Where wedding cakes are designed and made using ombre colors that produce 2 real colors and 1 shade of shade or gradation, but the resulting color could be more.

Ombre Color
Ombre Color

The ombre colors that you can try to design a summer wedding cake are bright and soft pastel colors. This is perfect for summer, which is identical with bright colors. As some ombre color ideas for wedding cakes, you can try the following.

11 Fabulous Ombre Color That Can You Make Inspirations For Summer Wedding Cake

Blue Ombre
Blue Ombre –
Green Ombre
Green Ombre –
Monochrome Color
Monochrome Color –
Ombre Color Wedding Cake
Ombre Color Wedding Cake –
Peach Ombre
Peach Ombre –
Purple Ombre Cake
Purple Ombre Cake –
Turqouise Cake
Turquoise Cake –
Wedding Cake Ombre
Wedding Cake Ombre –
Yellow with Orange
Yellow with Orange –
Yelow Purple Ombre Wedding Cake
Yellow Purple Ombre Wedding Cake –
Yelow White
Yellow White –

Well, those are some ombre ideas and inspiration that you can apply to your wedding cake in the summer. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Men’s Coat Ideas visit here

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