OOTD for Work From Home to Stay Fashionable

OOTD for Work From Home to Stay Fashionable

Ladies, some of you are certainly very happy to undergo work from home because you don’t need to be bothered every morning to choose a work outfit. Yes, because working from home does not require you to dress neatly. Ladies can wear shirts, pajamas, or even negligee.

Even so, you still have to remember that at any time your boss, client, or coworker can invite meetings via video call. If you are not ready, you can be overwhelmed and finally come up with an outfit choice that is improvised alias too relaxed. Therefore, it would not hurt you know to dress up a little while working at home.

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Shirt Dress

  1. Shirt Dress

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    Shirt Dress

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Wearing a shirt dress while working from home is the right choice. The collar-like model of a shirt can keep you looking professional if you are suddenly asked to have a conference call with your boss. Make sure you choose a shirt dress with cotton to keep it comfortable and cool when worn.

  1. Mid pants and blouse

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    Mid pants and blouse

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Midi pants can be one option that makes your casual appearance still stylish. Pair these pants with a plain or patterned top so that your home look isn’t boring. Not only that, but Ladies also don’t need to bother changing clothes if they want to go to the convenience store to buy urgent needs.

  1. Palazzo Shirts and Pants

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    Shirts and Palazzo Pants

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When you are at home, a t-shirt is the best fashion to wear. The material is smooth and cold makes us feel at home for a long time wearing it. But at work from home, as it is today, try not to choose shirts that are too shabby to keep your look attractive. To give the impression of chic, mix shirts with brightly colored and patterned palazzo pants.

  1. Shirt and skirt

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    skirts can be an attractive outfit choice to wear when working from home.

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If you get bored with pants, skirts can be an attractive outfit choice to wear when working from home. Pair with a shirt to give the impression of being relaxed. Then, choose a nuanced summer skirt with ruffle accents and a few parts on your thighs so that your relaxed look remains fashionable.

  1. Shirts and Kakhi Pants

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If you have a lot of meeting schedules and must always be on for a conference call, a shirt is the most appropriate option to wear when working at home. To stay impressed professional, choose a shirt with neutral colors like black, white, or blue. Then combine with khaki pants so that your feet remain free to move.

  1. Sweater and Jeans

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Not much different from the office, the atmosphere at home can also usually be cold because of the air conditioning. Therefore, the outfit choice in the form of a sweater is also suitable to wear when working from home. In order to look casual still look chic, mix your sweater with jeans.

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