Look Trendy With 9 Retro Shoe Model Ideas

Retro shoes become one of the fashion items that are currently becoming obsolete. Though you can also look fashionable with a retro look. Retro style is a popular designation from the 70s to the 90s. Not only your style of dress, but you can also complement your retro look using retro-style shoes. Shoes are one important fashion item that complements one’s appearance. Over time, the model of shoes has increasingly changed to follow the existing trends. Sometimes the number of new shoe trends popping up makes old-style shoes neglected. You can also look attractive and fashionable with old shoes with a ‘retro’ theme like some shoe ideas that can complement your retro look.

Look Trendy With 9 Retro Shoe Model Ideas

Retro Shoe
Retro Shoe
1. Ankle Boots
Ankle Boots
Ankle Boots – ru.zipy.co.il.com

Ankle Boots are shoes that have a limit to the ankle. Usually worn in winter. You can combine it with a fur coat. Guaranteed, your appearance will have a retro impression.

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2. Derby Shoes
Derby Shoes
Derby Shoes – pinterest.co.uk.com

This one shoe model is similar to oxford shoes. The difference is the location of the string. As for derby shoes, they don’t have closed seams like oxford shoes. In addition, derby shoes have a type of strap that opens so that fingers can enter from the top of the shoe’s tongue so you can easily use it or take it off. This one shoe model is suitable for formal events.

3. Floral Boots
Floral Boots
Floral Boots – drakealphaphi.com

These shoes seem lively and feminine. But you can rely on floral boots to hang out. More impressed girly. You can mix and match with your neutral outfit.

4. Loafer Shoes
Loafers Shoes
Loafers Shoes – cmshoes.co.nz.com

These one-piece loafers usually don’t have any fasteners or straps so it’s easy to use. Another term for loafers is the slip-on model. Usually, these shoes are suitable for semi-formal events, can be combined with a dress and trousers material. There are also loafers that are equipped with metal ornaments, usually called loafer bits. These shoes are similar to Moccasins shoes, the difference is only a fastening strap. Where that has a rope, usually called moccasins.

5. Mary Jane Shoes
Mary Jane Shoes
Mary Jane Shoes – arubabeach-resort.com

Looks simple and elegant, you can match these shoes with any outfit. You will easily use it and no need to be complicated. Very suitable for use during the rainy season because it is waterproof, where the material is usually made of leather.

6. Moccasins Shoes
Moccasins Shoes
Moccasins Shoes – imall.com

These shoes are synonymous with stitches or embroidery on the top of the shoe. Therefore this shoe impressed girly. Generally, these shoes are mostly made of soft leather, especially suede. This shoe is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

7. Oxford Shoes
Oxford Shoes
Oxford Shoes – pricearchive.org.com

Oxford shoes are really everlasting girls! From the past until now it can still be outstanding and gives the impression of a very sophisticated modern. This shoe is perfect for any occasion when you want a casual or formal appearance, this one shoe can really be your mainstay. Usually, oxford shoes have laces and have a more formal impression compared to other loafers. You can wear oxford shoes with a few heels for a neater look and for formal events. If you want to be more relaxed, choose oxford shoes without rights.

8. Strap Ankle Shoes
Strap Ankle Shoes
Strap Ankle Shoes – complex.littlesparklesparties.com

This shoe can be said as a combination of ankle shoes with mary jane shoes. This shoe is also suitable if you add high heels to support your appearance to be more retro.

9. Wedge Shoes
Wedge Shoes
Wedge Shoes – pinterest.de.com

A wedge is a model of shoes or sandals that have thick soles. With thick soles, wedges shoe users get the same benefits by using high heels. This type of shoes is different from high heels. Wedges make the body rest evenly on the soles of the feet. These shoes are also called grandma’s shoes. Therefore, if you want a retro look on your appearance, you can try wearing these shoes.

Well, those are some shoe model ideas to support your retro style. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Young Men Hairstyles visit here.

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