7 Retro Style Women’s Fashion Items That Will Return Popular In 2020

7 Retro Style Women’s Fashion Items That Will Return Popular In 2020

Retro Style
Retro Style

Retro style is a style that was booming for the first time in the ’60s to its peak in the 80s. This style is a personal style that must be tried for you who like the old school look. Retro style has its own charm that makes you look more standout.

Retro style is identical with bright colors that are striking and very suitable for use in summer. As vibrant color palette like, red, orange, to blue. Well, we will provide a summary of the fashion items for women who will return to popularity in 2020.

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1. Culottes
Women Culottes
Women Culottes – confettissimo.com

Culottes pants are similar to flare pants. These pants can be worn in formal or casual events. The loose model at the bottom is enough to make you attractive because the shape of the pants is not boring. You can mix and match shirts and shirts as well as accessories such as necklaces and handbag colors.

2. Flare Pants
Flare Pants
Flare Pants – pinterest.com.au.com

Flare pants or bell-bottom pants or commonly called cut-bray pants will again be popular again in 2020. Long pants that widen at the bottom are able to give an attractive impression to the user.

3. High Waisted Jeans
High Waist Jeans
High Waist Jeans – mykinglist.appspot.com

High waisted jeans are jeans that have a waistline that is slightly above the stomach. This is quite helpful to disguise the abdominal area. These pants began to appear around the 1960s and had become the most popular fashion items by young people. Not only dark colors like dark blue but high waisted also often appear with lighter colors such as light blue and white.

4. Mary-Jane Shoes
Mary Jane Shoes
Mary Jane Shoes – ebay.com

Mary-Jane Shoes is a term for buckle strap shoes, which are shoes that are covered with buckles or straps on the back of your foot. Mary Jane shoes are usually worn by teenage girls in socks or stockings, then combined with skirts or blouse. This will create a feminine impression for the wearer.

5. Pointy Collar
Pointy Collar
Pointy Collar – pinterest.co.uk.com

The long and taper collar that was popular in the 70s will also boom again in 2020. If this type of collar was very thick with disco elements, then in 2020, you can use this collar with a variety of formal and casual events. With the 2020 fashion trend, the appearance can look more edgy and vintage.

6. Puff Sleeves
Puff Sleeve
Puff Sleeve – in.pinterest.com

Puff sleeves were once a fashion trend in the 19th century. To be exact, in the 1930s and 1980s. These fashion items were often created in the form of a blouse or dress.

7. Oversized Blazer
Oversized Blazer
Oversized Blazer – fashiontasty.com

Oversized blazers are identical to women’s tops, which were originally used for formal activities such as work. In the 1980s, oversized blazers became a symbol of independent and career women. Over time, these fashion items began to be popular and used as casual clothing with various modifications. Besides being flexible, oversized blazers are also used to make the appearance more on point.

Well, those are some of the 19th-century fashion items that will be back in popularity and become fashion items trends in 2020. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Unicorn Nail Art Design Ideas visit here.

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