9 Stylish Men’s Ripped Jeans Inspirations You Should Try With Various Outfits

9 Stylish Men’s Ripped Jeans Inspirations You Should Try With Various Outfits

Ripped Jeans is a term used to contract torn pants in certain parts such as the knee. Currently, this type of pants is not only a model but also a trend and style. In fact, almost all people have it and are a favorite of teens and students. They consider these pants are the second favorite pants after jeans. They love choosing to wear these jeans because they are considered cool but still comfortable.

Initially, these pants were popular after the Nirvana rick band wore these pants in each of their concert performances. At that time Nirvana supported the anti-fashion movement by wearing ripped jeans, even they said that they wanted to look simple and equal with the audience. Since then, this type of jeans has become increasingly trendy in various circles until now. But actually these jeans were popularized by workers in ancient times who accidentally tore his pants at work. Therefore, this type of jeans has been popular since its time.

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Even today, jeans are re-popularized with various types of torn jeans. Ripped jeans were originally only produced with tears in the knee, but with developments and fashion changes, making various types of tears in all parts of the jeans. Like the thighs and calves. Currently, these jeans come in various forms of jeans, such as boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans, you can adjust these jeans depending on your body shape.

Ripped Jeans
Ripped Jeans

Besides being comfortable to use, this type of pants also has flexible properties. So it is easily combined with various outfits that you have. For example, you can combine these jeans with a blazer or coat for a semi-formal to formal impression. For the impression of casual and relaxed, you can combine it with t-shirts, shirts, and various outer. You can also wear it in the style of Denim and Denim. Alias ​​wears these types of pants with a denim jacket to strengthen the stylish and fashionable impression you have.

Well, for you men. We will give you some ripped jeans ideas that you can match with various outfits you have.

9 Stylish Men’s Ripped Jeans Inspirations You Should Try With Various Outfits

Blazer with Jeans
Blazer with Jeans – za.pinterest.com
Coat with Ripped Jeans
Coat with Jeans – pinterest.fr.com
Jeans with Print Shirt
Jeans with Print Shirt – pinterest.fr.com
Leather Jacket with Jeans
Leather Jacket with Jeans – tr.pinterest.com
Long Sleeve with Jeans
Long Sleeve with Jeans – pinterest.co.uk.com
Ripped Jeans with Denim
Jeans with Denim – www.pinterest.se.com
Ripped Jeans with Flannel
Ripped Jeans with Flannel – pinterest.fr.com
Ripped Jeans with Outer
Jeans Pants with Outer – pinterest.fr.com
T Shirt with Jeans
T-Shirt with Jeans – www.pinterest.ru.com

Those are some ripped jeans ideas that you can try with various outfits. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Summer Date Outfits Inspirations For Women visit here.

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