6 Cozy Types Of Summer Shirts For Men You Must Try

6 Cozy Types Of Summer Shirts For Men You Must Try

Summer Shirts For Men
Summer Shirts For Men

Summer Shirts For Men also have a variety of motif and colors. This is because not only women who have a variety of fashion items, but men also have a variety of fashion items to support their appearance. One of the fashion items that many people have is a shirt. This type of clothing is easy to mix and match with various other outfits. Generally, shirts are chosen for formal clothing styles because they give a neat and professional impression. However, it does not rule out the possibility to be used with casual style in short sleeve models and various motifs.

As some types of men’s shirts that are suitable and comfortable to wear during the summer. So you can choose according to the event you will attend during the summer.

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6 Cozy Types Of Summer Shirts For Men You Must Try

1. Floral Pattern Shirt
Floral Shirt
Floral Shirt – pinterest.com.au.com

This shirt is suitable for men who like the casual, carefree, and cool style or want to look simple. This short-sleeve cut shirt is perfect for summer wear. Bright colors that are bold and striking will make you look cooler. If you want to stay away from the tacky impression, you can also wear a shirt with a pattern that is not too big and does not fill the entire surface of the shirt.

2. Overshirt
Over Shirt
Over Shirt – alibaba.com

This shirt is a versatile and flexible shirt. It can be useful in all weather. Like when the weather is warm, then this shirt will be light. Conversely, if the weather is a rainy season, this shirt can be warmer. With so you can move outside in the afternoon until the evening.

3. Linen Shirt
Linen Shirt
Linen Shirt – hu.pinterest.com

Linen shirts have loose cuts and are made of light. So that you still feel cool in the summer. You can also experiment with pastel colors that are characteristic of linen shirts. You can mix linen shirts with jeans or chino pants.

4. Chambray Shirt
Chambray Shirt
Chambray Shirt – shoplooks.com

At first glance, this type of shirt is similar to a jeans shirt. But the two are clearly different. If the jeans shirt is made of denim fabric, then the chambray shirt is made of the plain weave in its construction, which results in a fabric that is lighter than the twill weave used in making denim fabric.

5. Shirt Collar Band
Collar Band Shirt
Collar Band Shirt – tr.pinterest.com

This shirt has a collar model that has no pointy side and tends to be tall, not wide. This shirt is similar to traditional Chinese clothing, namely cheongsam. Although this shirt has a low collar, many men use this collar for formal to casual events. Because of the low collar, this shirt is perfect for summer wear.

6. Striped Shirt
Stripped Shirt
Stripped Shirt – baifo.me.com

One motif called the eternal motif is the striped motif. The motif of the lines on the shirt can eliminate the impression that is too rigid but also not excessive so that it can still be used on formal or casual occasions. The choice of line motif can also give your body a different silhouette. If you want to look slimmer, you can use a vertically striped shirt while if you want to look more full, wear a horizontal striped shirt.

Well, those are some types of men’s shirts that you can try in the summer. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Men’s Summer Weekend Outfits visit here.

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