6 Tips and Tricks to Make Beautiful Eyeshadow

6 Tips and Tricks to Make Beautiful Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is the makeup part of eye shadow. Eyeshadow uses cosmetics that are used for the eyelids and under the eyebrows. This eyeshadow makeup will give the impression of more prominent and attractive eyes with the colors of cosmetics used.

There are two ways to use an eyeshadow that is the type of use of eyeshadow only one color and the type of eyeshadow use with two or more colors. For beginners, you might use the first type. But there’s nothing wrong for those of you who want to try using two colors for eyeshadow.

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Glamour look

Two-color eyeshadow is the look of the eye that combines the two colors on the eyelid. You can combine two eyeshadow colors from top to bottom or left and right. The most important way to use 2-color eyeshadow is the blending or mixing technique.

Here is a trick to make eyeshadow:

Leave eyes open when applying eyeshadow

Keeping your eyes open and applying eyeshadow directly to the crease will help you avoid overdoing it.

Use a white eyeshadow base

A white eyeshadow base can make a cheap eyeshadow palette look expensive. Start with a neutral layer on the lid, add colored eyeshadow on top. The eyeshadow base will lift the color of your eyeshadow.

Wearing blush on the eyelid

Monochromatic makeup is now popular. To achieve that look, apply the same blush on the eyelids and cheeks for an asymmetrical look.

Wear eyeshadow before the others

Eye makeup usually looks like a cake decoration, but actually the order of makeup starts with the eyes, face, lips, and eyebrows. This is because wearing eyeshadow can be prone to errors. It should be done first.

Know the right eyeshadow color for the eyes

Suitable colors look like art. But if you know the general rules, such as blue eyeshadow for brown eyes, coral-colored eyeshadow for green eyes, and so on, eye makeup will look perfect.

Repair damaged pallets with alcohol

If your eyeshadow palette is cracked, don’t worry. Use a few drops of alcohol on top, and wait a few minutes. The eyeshadow palette will be new again.

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