Vintage Engagement Ring
Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage engagement rings are starting to be brought back in everything, including engagement rings in recent years. The engagement ring is indeed a symbol of commitment to keeping promises with a partner. Every woman would want an engagement ring that suits her dreams. Various models and shapes of engagement rings also attract attention. One of them is a ring with a vintage style.

The vintage design has a romantic impression, so many popular choices for applying for a partner. Besides looking attractive, this vintage ring design tends to be more detailed. The vintage design proves that something old is not necessarily outdated. Like some of the following vintage engagement ring models that you can try for your engagement.

Vintage Engagement Ring Models That You Can Make Your Inspiration

1. Lotus Carat Ring
Lotus Carat Ring
Lotus Carat Ring –

Engagement rings with the Lotus Carat diamond installation technique turned out to be the choice of women. Lotus Carat is a jewelry frame model that unites several diamonds, which is one diamond placed in the middle and 6 or 8 other diamonds of different sizes placed around the central diamond.

2. Rose Gold Ring
Rose Gold Ring
Rose Gold Ring –

Rose gold is reddish or pinkish gold such as copper. The ring that has a rose gold color looks more sweet and beautiful. This ring is perfect for those of you who like vintage things.

3. Round Cut Ring
Round Cut Ring
Round Cut Ring –

The round cut is the most popular form of diamond among other shapes. Pieces of this type are able to reflect light perfectly so as to maximize the sparkle in the diamond. This vintage-style engagement ring is also equipped with small diamonds on the ring frame. The pink gold color makes the diamond sparkle more beautiful.

4. Solitaire Ring
Solitaire Ring
Solitaire Ring –

Solitaire Ring is a ring that only uses diamond eyes. This solitaire ring is one of the most common ring models and is widely used for wedding rings or engagement rings. Besides being a simple model, this ring also looks elegant.

5. Three Stone Ring
Three Stone Ring
Three Stone Ring –

In addition to a ring with a single diamond, a ring with three diamond eyes or commonly called three stone ring is also much liked by women. The number of diamonds has its own meaning. These three diamonds are considered as representations of the past, present, and future relationship between you and your partner. Apart from the beautiful sparkle, the hidden meaning is what makes women choose this one engagement ring model.

Those are some engagement ring models for you who like things that smell vintage. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Wedding Invitation Color Combinations visit here.

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