7 Elegant Wedding Invitation Color Combinations That You Can Make Inspirations

7 Elegant Wedding Invitation Color Combinations That You Can Make Inspirations

Wedding Invitation Color must represent and evoke the mood you want for your wedding. Even though weddings are usually dominated by white, the other colors that accompany them will build your theme and determine the mood of your event.

Wedding Invitation Color
Wedding Invitation Color

The most challenging thing in choosing colors is the harmonization part. Just like you and your potential partner, your color must also be a perfect match. As some of our color combination ideas for those of you who apply an elegant wedding theme.

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7 Elegant Wedding Invitation Color Combinations That You Can Make Inspirations

1. Classy Emerald
Classy Emerald
Classy Emerald – ivoryinvi.com

Not just two, but this combination of three colors makes your design invitation card look luxurious and elegant. With the color emerald, cream, and gold is the perfect combination. Use white as the base and gold as the letters, then add an emerald-colored envelope with a gold recipient’s name.

2. Classy Monochrome
Monochrome And Gold
Monochrome And Gold – pl.pinterest.com

This color combination is really classic. By adding a touch of gold, there is a cluster of its own that the black and white base cannot provide. This makes the appearance of wedding invitations look more elegant and modern.

3. Dusty Blue and Deep Red
Dusty Blue And Deep Red
Dusty Blue And Deep Red – pinterest.ch.com

This color combination is only for couples who dare to look unique and different. On this unexpected and unexpected invitation card looks luxurious. Consult the vendor to get this elegant blue as a base, white writing, and red decoration in some corners.

4. Madison Blue
Madison Blue
Madison Blue – pinterest.co.uk.com

These gold and dark blue tones can give the impression of royalty and elegance to anything they are applied to including your wedding invitation. This color combination is perfect for a traditional wedding.

5. Precious Metals
Precious Metal
Precious Metal – pinterest.com.au.com

This silver and gold palette is a classic combination for anyone planning an elegant traditional wedding.

6. Royal Treatment
Royal Treatment
Royal Treatment – simplystationery.ca.com

The design with the name Royal Treatment is more often used for European style weddings. This theme utilizes a combination of blue periwinkle, satin sheen gold, and Prussian blue. The combination of this appearance makes a look that impressed the European royalties of the 80s. Many people combine this theme with vintage classic western style party themes to make it even more striking.

7. Rustic Steel
Rustic Steel
Rustic Steel – addicfashion.com

This rural invitation theme combines a combination of contemporary and vintage tones that showcase South American charm but don’t look old-fashioned. By combining modern tones, steel with earthy brown color and balancing the two colors with warm and soft colors, you will get the perfect wedding invitation.

Those are some color combination ideas for luxury wedding invitations. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Wedding Cake Ideas And Designs visit here.

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