8 Cozy Wedding Models Shoe Ideas For Your Perfect Wedding

8 Cozy Wedding Models Shoe Ideas For Your Perfect Wedding

Wedding Models Shoe has many types. Starting from flat ground to those who have very high rights. You can wear wedding shoes according to your theme and wedding dress. Because in addition to hairstyles, wedding dresses, and make-up, footwear or shoes are included in the components that need to be considered also to improve appearance during the wedding. You can wear wedding shoes you want with various designs. If you are confused, we will help you by providing several models of wedding shoes that you can use during your wedding.

7 Cozy Wedding Models Shoe Ideas For Your Perfect Wedding

Wedding Models Shoe
Wedding Models Shoe
1. Ankle Heels
Ankle Heels
Ankle Heels – krasota-v-dome.ru.com

As the name implies, these shoes have a height to ankles and are equipped with heels to make the wearer taller.

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2. Ankle Strap Heels
Ankle Strap Heels
Ankle Strap Heels – pinterest.ca.com

This shoe is a shoe with high heels equipped with a strap around the ankle. This provides assistance so that we are more stable, safe, and comfortable when wearing heels. But not all types of feet are suitable to use this type because these shoes actually show as if your feet become shorter than they really are.

3. Flat Shoes
Flat Shoes
Flat Shoes – pinterest.es.com

If you don’t want to be complicated at your wedding, you can choose flat shoes. Flat shoes have a feminine character. This shoe is comfortable and practical. Therefore, flat shoes are chosen by brides who want a simple wedding.

4. High Heels
High Heels
High Heels – drakealphaphi.com

High heels are ordinary high heels and simple footwear. These shoes make the heel of the wearer’s feet higher than the toes. High heels also give the impression of luxury on the wearer’s feet and make the wearer look taller.

5. Kitten Heels
Kitten Heels
Kitten Heels – sitespaying.me.com

These kitten heels are short-heeled shoes. Kitten heels are perfect for those of you who are not accustomed to wearing too-high heels and will not break easily. This shoe is quite popular in the vintage era. But now you can wear kitten heels for your wedding.

6. Peep Toe Heels
Peep Toe Heels
Peep Toe Heels – de.dhgate.com

Peep Toe is a shoe model that shows the toes. This type of shoes is very suitable for use in weddings during hot weather because it makes the feet more able to breathe and not sweat easily. Peep-toe heels also do not have special types of rights but are very varied. Types of the peep-toe heel have a lot of variety that is combined with the shape of the slingback, pumps to the ankle strap.

7. Stiletto Heels
Stiletto Heels
Stiletto Heels – haheel.com

Stiletto is the most popular high heels in the fashion world because it can actually improve the appearance of a woman. As the name implies, where this shoe is adopted from the name of a dagger which has a thin and pointed shape at the edges. This thin knife is used to stab opponents through cracks in the armor that are too narrow to be pierced with swords. Therefore, stiletto shoes have a sharp and long design and are the highest type of high heels among other high heels.

8. Wedges Shoes
Wedges Wedding Shoes
Wedges Wedding Shoes – seahamschool.com

Wedges are shoes or sandals that have thick soles. This model of shoes is the type of heels that are relatively most comfortable and most relaxed to wear. Generally, wedges are used for semi-formal events. But wedges can also be used for weddings, especially if you want shoes that are comfortable but also increase your height. Wedges have a high heels contour with a heel that is higher than the front. But it can still be comfortable to wear because it has a flat base of soles.

Those are some models of wedding shoes that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Men’s Outer Ideas visit here.

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