8 Chic Women’s Bags Model Ideas For Getting Fashionable Looks

8 Chic Women’s Bags Model Ideas For Getting Fashionable Looks

Women's Bag
Women’s Bags

Women’s Bags is not only used for storing goods, but a bag can support a woman’s appearance to the maximum so that it looks fashionable. For fashionable women, traveling without carrying a bag certainly feels incomplete. Therefore, bags and women are difficult to separate. It’s no secret that women are very fond of bags with various models and shapes that vary.

Like some models of bags for women that you can try to support your appearance to be more fashionable.

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8 Chic Women’s Bags Model Ideas For Getting Fashionable Looks

1. Messenger Bag
Messenger Bag
Messenger Bag – rock-cafe.info.com

A messenger bag is a type of bag that is equipped with a long strap to be slung over the shoulder. This model bag usually has many functions that are able to load goods in large quantities. Make sure that you choose the messenger bag model that suits your personality. The newest models of messenger bags are simple with cool and bright colors.

2. Sling Bag
Sling Bag
Sling Bag – banggood.com

This women’s handbag model is almost similar to a messenger bag. The difference is, the sling bag has a smaller shape and size and is easy to carry. Sling bags are suitable for storing items that are not too large, such as cellphones or makeup accessories.

3. Hobo Bag
Hobo Bag
Hobo Bag – waluzh.com

The shape of the design of this bag has special characteristics that are easily distinguished from other bags, namely the shape of the bag that is rounded and resembles a crescent. For ladies who like to travel with lots of things, the hobo bag is the right choice. With its unique shape, a hobo bag with a short strap can make you look fashionable and beautiful. This bag model can also be called a shoulder bag because it has a strap that can be worn on the shoulder.

4. Tote Bag
Tote Bag
Tote Bag – aliexpress.com

This type of bag is almost the same as a hobo bag, a tote bag is designed to be able to accommodate items in large quantities. Tote bags are a favorite for women because they are very practical and easy to carry anywhere. Generally, rectangular or trapezoidal tote bags are equipped with straps that are not too long and are very suitable for use when you are going to college, traveling, sightseeing or recreation.

5. Drawstring Bag
Drawstring Bag
Drawstring Bag – famecart.com

The model of a women’s handbag called a drawstring bag has a special characteristic that is easily recognizable, namely the drawstring at the top for easy opening or closing. Drawstring bag that is equipped with drawstring makes this model of a women’s bag just right for you who want to travel.

6. Backpack
Backpack – zillionkingexpress.com

A backpack is a type of bag that is a favorite of women. With a casual bag style, a backpack is very suitable to wear when you go to school, to campus or to the office. Backpacks with a variety of motifs that are suitable for women have many compartments that can carry a lot of things to be carried.

7. Clutch Bag
Clutch Bag
Clutch Bag – guide.alibaba.com

A small bag called a clutch bag is usually used by women to attend parties. Women look more beautiful and elegant when carrying a clutch bag with colors that are not too flashy. In addition to the clutch bag that is commonly used for parties, there are also other clutch bag models with models and designs that are more casual and can be carried at any time.

8. Evening Bag
Evening Bag
Evening Bag – dhgate.com

Evening bags have similarities with other women’s handbag models, namely clutch bags. Indeed, evening bags are as small as clutch bags. The difference is, the evening bag has a strap that is not too long to make it easier to carry or carry.

Those are some bag model ideas for women that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about 9 Stylish Men’s Ripped Jeans Inspirations You Should Try With Various Outfits visit here


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