8 Haircut Inspirations You Can Try From Young Men Hairstyles

8 Haircut Inspirations You Can Try From Young Men Hairstyles

Young men hairstyles can be a reference haircut that you can try. Moreover, hair can affect your appearance. Don’t just pay attention to the outfits, you also need to love your hair to keep it looking up. Men also need to consider which hairstyle is suitable for the application. Starting in terms of the shape of the face to one’s personal style becomes a benchmark determining the appropriate hairstyle for men. If you are confused and bored with short hairstyles for men with long cuts, here are a series of recommendations for male hairstyle trends that you can try from young men’s hairstyles.

Young Men Hairstyles
Young Men Hairstyles

8 Hairstyle Inspirations You Can Try From Young Men

  1. Bowl Cut


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Bowl Cut is suitable for all hair types and is popular with young men. Historically, bowl hair has a bad impression. This hair trend that began in the 60s and re-emerged in the 90s. Almost all people like this rather long hair, but most of them are young men hairstyles. Usually, they will leave the bowl a little long hair. To be more stylish, give texture to the hair to make it more volume. Another way to style hair with a bowl cut style is to combine it with an undercut, high fade, or taper fade.

2. Comb-Over
Comb Over
Comb-Over – menhairdos.com

Comb-Over is a short male haircut whose arrangement tends to one side or split edge style. To try this hairstyle, your hair must be at least 7 cm long to be able to set it to the side. Make sure the hair on both sides is cut short above the ear so that it has a maximum shape. Formerly this hairstyle tends to be used by adult men because this hairstyle is the most classic hairstyle. But now more and more modern and comb-over hairstyle variations. No wonder now that this style is actually popular among teenagers or young men.

3. Curtains Hairstyle
Curtains Hairstyle
Curtains Hairstyle – tr.pinterest.com

Curtain hairstyle is a middle split hairstyle. And includes a simple hairstyle. Especially if you have rather thick hair. You can shape it by tidying the sides of your hair, and make sure your beard is neatly shaved. This classic hairstyle hits again among urban men and “artsy” men. So it is suitable for you who like the preppy look.

4. Ivy League Style
Ivy League Hairstyle
Ivy League Hairstyle – pinterest.ca.com

This hairstyle is suitable for you who go on business or workers. Ivy League hairstyles are a little bit like a crew cut style, but the difference is that Ivy League hairstyle leaves hair on the top of the head, very fitting for you who have a protruding jaw. This simple and timeless haircut fits in with any outfit and includes a ‘safe’ hairstyle. Just give a little pomade for a more formal look.

5. Short and spiky
Short And Spiky
Short And Spiky – menshairstyleswag.com

The spiky haircut model is one of the most popular haircuts. Even so, this hairstyle is still considered fashionable and keeps up with the times. The hallmark of the spiky hairstyle is the upper section of the hair that is pointed and stands, and thin hair on the side that can give the impression of a level on the face. The appearance of this hair seems disheveled, but to facilitate the styling of hair, you can use hair spray, pomade, or gel. This haircut can create a thick and macho impression.

6. Short neat
Short Neat
Short Neat – pinterest.com.mx.com

Short neat hairstyles are the simplest haircuts if you are lazy to think of a hairstyle that has too much detail. If you want to try it, cut your hair as short as possible, leaving the top that can be combed to the side. To maximize this hairstyle, you can use Pomade to keep hair neat and look more handsome.

7 Soft side parting
Soft Side Parting
Soft Side Parting – haircutinspiration.com

If you’re the type of guy who often comes to events of a different type, it’s best to use this one haircut. Almost similar to model number one, but for the soft side parting hairstyle, the side length is thinner than the top and back. So that it’s not too bulging at the top, it is made thinner. You simply comb the back or sides to get a neat impression easily.

8. Undercut
Undercut Hairstyles
Undercut Hairstyles – pinterest.ru.com
Undercut Curly Hair
Undercut Curly Hair – caminpix.com

You know, undercut hairstyles have hit since World War I, you know! Many men in Europe like this hairstyle because it is considered practical and appropriate for work. Although it has been around for decades, this hairstyle began to emerge until now and is still a trend in men’s hair models today. This hairstyle is best for men who have straight hair. Indeed, the undercut style would be cooler if using pomade. However, you have to limit the use of pomade, yes, because using it too often makes your hair break easily!

Well, those are some hairstyles that you can copy from young men’s hairstyles. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Mermaid Wedding Dresses Ideas visit here.


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